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Surprise Him with Unique Gifts

Best Gift for him - Shopping for men is notoriously difficult. Then there's the husband who has already purchased everything he desires. The boyfriend with erratic preferences.

Gift to son - The son who went completely off the rails and failed to send you his Christmas wish list. The father who swears that if you believe him, he'd be perfectly content with nothing at all, as if that were a choice. They're all a pain in the neck. But we've found a solution, and it's included in this list of over 50 gift ideas for men.

Best gifts for friend

Gifts to Boyfriend - It's only a matter of matching the gift to the man. For the man who prefers to sleep under the sky, this is the accessory for him. For the man who has more shoes than underpants, here's a pair of vintage sneakers. A stylish device with an instructional handbook for the man who values his time. For the man who knows how to appreciate the finer things in life. I'm sure you understand. You'll know the gift when you see it because this man means so much to you.